Burning History

Letter to Ophelia

Letter to Ophelia

                Dear Beloved Sister, after receiving your letter I must admit I was quite shocked. I understand your concerns but am truly too busy to address the issues at hand. You see dear sister I must remind you that I am at present even as a Master Sorcerer, under the command of Prince Grey Tarrant. We are fulfilling vital duties as an <s>elite</s> select group in defense of the kingdom. Do to the closeness House Hitheren has with the crown you may know of the dangers I speak, but I am otherwise not at liberty to discuss.

                        As to your concern about unduly causing trouble in another house’s domain, that remains to be seen sister. The decision was not mine to make alone, however I AM a Master Sorcerer and I will kindly ask you not to tell me how to do my job. I assure you all care was taken with our actions, and there is likely a lot more about the situation than what you are presently aware of. I will not argue these points further as there is no time for it, but do not be concerned. I as always endeavor to not disgrace the Hitheren name.

                           As for marriage, I am in no particular hurry.  I understand your worry for me sister but I believe your efforts should perhaps be directed towards your daughter, the heir to our house. I understand that the previous arrangement fell through. Regardless of the reasons sister, as I discussed with you when I chose my path a over a decade ago, I intend to become a lifelong member of the college. I have no true intention of entering into the courts where such arrangement may be useful.

Give my regards to my niece would you.

                                                                                  With Love,         

                                                                          Albrecht Hitheren

                                                               Master Sorcerer, Kinsform College of Magic                                         

An Inquiry Into the States of Landed Clans
c. 830e

"…I can hear you even now, Dear Reader. <u>Wait, Count, surely you've forgotten the Mendives. Not three pages ago you mentioned their lands South of Kykxa, and yet in your reckoning here there's not a peep!</u>
"How astute of you, Dear Reader, to notice the discrepancy; yet I have not forgotten the Mendives: those ardent and cunning followers of Mendas, the Shades of Ekstan, and all the other pleasantries with which they have been known. It came to pass that those sons and daughters of Shadows had, in their secretive ways, passed from acceptable Trickery, Guile, and Lies into far Darker Arts the likes of which it would not do to conjure forth for you now. It bears mentioning that the Mendives and their ways were never truly comforting to the Civilized people of Ekstan, and perhaps it was because, on a deep level beneath our abilities to sense these things, the Civilized Clans of Ekstan understood how easily one slips from Shadows into True Darkness. That an entire Clan of Ekstan would fall prey to such deviations, would willingly temper their souls in Darkness and reforge themselves, all according to the principals of their God no Less! into such vile and abominable creations…
"I need not trouble you with details, Reader. But when the Gatherings of the Lavender Queen uncovered the Rot and Darkness which had wormed its way into the entirety of the Clan of Mendas, none of those assembled can be said to truly have been surprised. So it came to pass, that in 821e, the Lavender Queen was forced to call for the expurgation of the Mendives, rescinding their Clan Holdings, the Mendivian lands; remarkable for their consistency since the Dawn of Ekstan, and granted to the Clan of Hounds. And yet…
"Even the Gatherings of the Lavender Queen have not yet provided a satisfactory answer, but with the expurgation of one of the Oldest Clans of Ekstan, the worship and Faith of Mendas was never diminished. Indeed, we can only assume that the Divinity of Mendas is, somehow, self-perpetuating; presuming to follow the tenant of its own Faith that: "In all Men's Hearts Lie Shadows, and in All Men's Hearts is the Desire to Know the Shadows of Another." for its Miracles are still wielded by shadow-folk with impunity and seemingly without falter. Certainly a conundrum for the followers of Eidolon, perhaps, to discover in future eras…."

~From the writings of Count Cicil Inor, expurgated from the Libraries of Past Times for the promulgation of Heresy and Forbidden Knowledge, and kept safe within the Palace Vaults

Report on Kismack
Of Mysteries and Miracles

Report on Kismack

Report by Albrecht Hitheren Master Sorc.


            The Prince’s party had made way to Kismack forest to rout the enemy force stationed there. On arrival battle ensued between our force of near thirty and a force of a hundred-undead lead by the corpse of Razwald. Sir VanKampff met Razwald in battle and they ended up taking each other out. Ezio barely survived and will need at least a year to recover, perhaps he’s not cut out for this life.

            An old druid alter was found corrupted nearby. Ameinias fell through the dug-out trench. When we climbed down it was revealed that the forest above served as the roof for ancient ruins of an elven citadel. An amazing find to be sure, this is the first elven ruin found within the kingdoms borders. The columns that supported the roof were the base of the trees seen above.

            Soon a ghost claiming to be kismack appeared before us and explained that the elves gifted him the citadel when they left these lands. He also explained that he would allow us to use his body to craft artifacts of power because without his people he could not be revived, I however could not allow the druids knowledge to become lost forever. I aided Pyre with preparation for a ritual of faith in hopes to affect a greater miracle. With great effort, we were successful and the arch-druid was restored to life.

            Kismack then cleansed the alter above expelling the abomination within, of which was quickly dispatched by the prince. Kismack looked quite tired but said he would see about raising the wards around the forest again. I intend to learn some of his knowledge to bring back to the college later.

 All this dark magic is unnerving, to think that the headmaster I knew from back then would be capable of doing all of this.

            Born the Hitheren family, the ramifications of Kismack’s return is not unknown to me ultimately, I believe the Queen may have to get involved.

Where the hell am I???

As I awake on this day, I notice a sharp and crackly pain in me, as one thought races through my mind….Why do I hurt….EVERYWHERE? The next thought that crosses my mind is..Where the hell am I? With heart a racing I look around to see my surroundings as a Nurse enters in.


"Hello Sir VanKampff. I am nurse Alisandra."


"Where the hell am I??!" I Exclaim!


Alisandra responds, "To put it lightly, you're in a care facility in Verix. Youve been in a coma for the past 6 months…"


I stare at her in shock.


"Today is October 14 1058. You arrived in critical condition and you were rushed into surgery on April 13 1058, and you still have at least a year left to recover from all you went through…. Seeing as you were just about dead when you arrived."


"Are my companions safe? Were the trolls defeated??" I ask.


"Yes they are fine, and yes the Trolls were defeated." Alisandra responds.


I relax, as I know my goal was accomplished. I thank her for the answers, and I ask if she would be willing to send word to my family, Order, and companions that was awake and on the mend…


After she leaves I state to the empty room, "Well I guess I can get reading up on some facts that I skipped over in school…."

Excerpt from the journals of Albrecht Hitheren

The way I dealt with the trolls did not seem wrong to me, while unfortunate Sir VanKampff’s injuries allowed a swift end to the battle and granted safety to the citizens. The letters to his family of course only mentioned that he was injured in the defense for Verix.

                Much has happened since Verix, the necromancer was still out there with an army of undead. After writing several letters and missives I began to prepare for the inevitable encounter with the necromancer.

                I did not have much time to pursue personal matters, I was very much overworked. I had lectures to give, meetings to attend and the possibility of the former headmaster being involved nearly caused a riot with the upper ranks in the college.  This was added to for by the planning on how to deal with the necromancer. What free time I did get was spent on learning the facet of earth and a few spells. I finished crafting the disenchant magic spell, crafted an armor reducing spell, and created a spell to grant me momentary armor. These spells however were quite difficult to craft as I still struggle to increase a spell with a duration lasting more than a single moment. The spell crafting in combination with my recent experiences seems to have increased my fortitude, I find myself practicing for longer and the strain from difficult spells seems to tax me less.


                There are three months left before we all gather again I must focus my training to be the most productive. Now that I have some method of defense I shall seek to be more supportive where I can unless a battle needs ending quickly.

Excerpt from the journal of Albrecht Hitheren

(There appears to be blood stains as if the pen had been clinched too tightly)

My recent injury is still too fresh and touching it stings. Even without touching it, I occasionally feel phantom pain from the memory of the strike. The strike was from a battle with undead skeletons aboard the ship we investigated in Verix.

The battle began better than we could hope. We snuck closer before flanking the plank to get on the ship.  While flanking I hit one of them with lightning but it did not seem effective, so when we got closer I hit them with a stronger spell and the nearest skeleton was vaporized. Pyre was also able to exorcise one before we made it to combat range. In combat range the Prince and Sir VanKampff each took one of the skeletons while Pyre, Ameinias and myself were to deal with the last. In the next clash, I was unable to dodge a blow to the head which created a scar that runs across my face.  I was out of it after that, but I was told Ameinias and the skeleton were also sent to the ground before Pyre exorcised everything on the ship.

While there was more learned after the battle, my mind keeps going to that blow. I was unable to dodge and even unable to take the hit.  I have spent most my life at the college surrounded by books and magic, and while I was partnered with exorcist Pyre on many missions, none of them had situations as dangerous as this. As a Master Sorcerer, I cannot consider this as anything less than a failure. At the very least I intend to increase my speed and fortitude, perhaps the Prince will know the best methods.

Shadowed Conversations
Bodach and Keo

Bodach waited a moment as he watched Pyre and his friends depart the Captain's Cabin. Glancing down at the kodama, Keo, Bodach smiles. Idly swirling his leak around, Keo watches Bodach curiously.

"Well, little Keo. A travel spirit with nowhere to go." A slight snicker escapes Bodach's sarcastic mask of seriousness. "And here I am about to be trapped on the go. Tell me, was the man's name a lie?"

Keo shakes his head no. 

"Interesting. Was his spirit still alive?"

Keo nods.

"Again, interesting. It is so rare to find humans practicing Death Magic these days. It takes a unique desire to truly delve deep into the art. An even stronger desire to successfully combat such a necromancer. He defiled your home. Is your desire strong?"

Keo stands at attention and salutes with his leek, a small squeak of determination. Bodach laughs, Keo dances back and forth snickering. Leaning down, Bodach whispers to Keo. Standing back up, "I will call upon you before we depart Verrix, if Pyre doesn't summon you first." The shadow of a spirit slips through seams of the door, and catches up with the Exorcist Pyre. Keo surveys the cabin, returning to his little nook, ready to rest after running and hiding for weeks.

Keo no longer had to run and hide from the necromancer, his time for vengeance is soon to come.

The Lazy Prince 02

As we arrive to Painter's Summit, Amenious can be seen with a lithe woman, later known as Agnus, along with a picnic setup. A painter could be seen off to the side busy painting away at the city. It was a fairly busy place at this time. I wonder if that overexcited painter got our likenesses or not?

The ballroom is being setup as we arrive back at the estate. There is going to be a "small get-together" for the unveiling of a statue. Not of me though… too bad.

I'm glad I brought my magical silks for this. Always good to have in case some drunks decide to cause "trouble".

The statue seems to be a gift for the Immortal Queen. This could be a bad sign because of whom the statue is honoring, an elf know as the Ambrosian General.

A famous quote rang with me: "I will see a time of enduring peace between elves and man." This line was apparently said as he left the "Artifact Retrieval War" or what we call the "Elven Incursion." At this time, elves vowed to not kill any mortal during the war. I remember them all using wooden swords.

The precious artifacts that were stolen: The Flute of Shaping (trees and such), Flesh Needles, and The Singing Sword. The culprits who stole the artifacts that started this war were turned over to the elves. They were never seen or heard from since. No one knows what happened to them. All that was known is that they were taken to the elven city to pay for their crimes.

I finally make it to the ball after a long wait. I guess they wanted to save me for last? Good idea. As I make my way through the crowd, I give a meaningful glance to all those who see my passing. I know the one I'm looking for will be with the highest ranking members in the front. Cecilia Seadra invoked this twinge of fear in me that I quickly negated. I don't know why this happened. I'm not usually prone to that sort of thing. Ponder for another time…

Lazerus, an old friend and now general of the Knights is seated where I expected. He is with Baron Victor Essathrazz past the groupings of nobles.

Victor became very interested in Pyre and his "friend". Of course only Albrecht and I knew with which he was referring. Pyre tried acting confused to turning the subject away while trying to convince the Baron that there was no such friend. It wasn't going so well. I would have helped, but this was all so funny!

Bodok, was revealed to everyone around. So the secret's out (for now). What an interesting figure Bodok has. Eight feet tall with long, dark and smoky "robes." His hair tendrils out into more smoky wisps. His facial features are nondescript. His eyes are by far his most prominent feature. They seem to be nearly as black as the Void itself! As he comes forth, he speaks in the ancient spirit-language.

After the formalities, Barron Victor calls for Amenious. Ezio calls for his as well and wasn't shy about making a commosion! ha!! This was definitely something that Amenious was wary of.

The group is together with Victor now. Victor summons his little spirit friend who takes the form of a rat. A neat protective spell for secrecy is placed around all of us in order for us to have some privacy.

The spirit that has been causing all these issues is named Kio, a spirit of travel. He needs help. Something happened to the ship he was protecting. Everyone on the ship was suddenly gone. Everything else is still undisturbed in their original places on the ship. The poor spirit was forced to flee because of the event that caused the disappearance of the crew. The longer the spirit is out and forced to do what it has been doing to survive, the more damaged and corrupted he will become.

We need to find this being now!

The Lazy Prince 01

My way back from the meeting with the counsel was uneventful to say the least. Unfortunately, I am still unable to decipher the glyphs I had received. I'm sure one of my… (friends?) can help out. It looks as if this spirit is starting to steal from the richer folk in this green city. What is it after?

I've attempted to read these symbol sketches again. I've only managed to scratch the surface of this. Still nothing to show for it…

Amenious (however the fuck you spell this little imp's name) deciphered the puzzle! These glyphs seem to be part of a whole. This will be of use once we know the name of this spirit.

So, weird thing I just witnessed. Two men wearing barely any clothing (the clothing they were wearing was black leather… wtf?) were hoisting logs into the Artisan District. They really need a tailor. I don't care enough to help.

An attractive woman approximately my age is perched on a balcony doing what seems to be as paperwork. Without hesitation, Albrecht asks for her assistance. She calls on one of the leather boys, Joseph, to show us the storage room. This room is completely full of construction timber. They must be building something grand.

Here in this room lies yet another symbol. The glyph is etched clean like a smooth burn in the stone floor. It's almost as if the stone had grown this way. How peculiar. Even more peculiar is the aura surrounding this stone. An aura of innocence it seems.

This is how it was explained to me: The spirit is not one to cause hindrances, harm, or offense by nature. This could be a guardian spirit of a very peaceful person. It is leaving these marks behind because it is going against its nature. It is safe to assume that it is being force to do these things. These fragmented symbols are being left behind because of this.

The other leather logger boy came in to announce that our presence is requested by Amenious on Painter's Summit for tea. Seriously? Where has he been!?

Beautiful painting was sitting there as we walked passed. I made arrangements for it be sent to my villa.


Research notes 1
Distillation while traveling is unadvised

Research Notes:

Master Sorcerer Albrecht Hitheren

Subject: Spell Abstraction and Distillation

                I had been planning this abstraction for quite some time, but had been far too busy with my regular duties at Kinsform. The spell Intend to create would fulfill a mid-range attack. I already possess a single target spell, as well as a wide ranging 10s of paces spell. I desired a spell that would hit multiple enemies without unduly affecting my allies.


Element: White

For Element, I had two choices but decided to stick with White, lighting being my favored element to attack.

Impetus: Destroy

                As I mentioned above I intend this spell to harm so the Destroy impetus was most proper.

Origin: Personal

Since I intended the spell to target the enemies in my presence the personal origin was fine.

Duration: Instant

                An Instant attack is fine, also keeps the action time down.

Area of Effect: Presence

                This is the important facet. Sorcerers can control spells within their presence to not hit their allies and that was the key deciding factor in this selection.

                First a reminder, it is recommended to practice these things away from people and important places as one can create a mess of the place.  An accidental shift to water flooded the area once, boy was I glad it didn’t flood the camp.

                I had intended to create a more controllable spell, that is not what I ended with however. The first troublesome shift was the shift to the earth element. This shift while unaccounted for did not truly hinder my intentions for the spell. The next shift however did break my intentions. Miles, that’s right the created spell had an effective range of miles. When cast, this new spell created spikes of metal that jutted out of the ground in a range of miles surrounding my person. Truly spell creation is at once wondrous and hellishly dangerous.

Final spell: Earth-Personal > Mile-Instant > Destroy

As for a name, I named it…. “Fuck your town” seeing as destroy towns seems to be its only use. I need a vacation.


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