Ezhro Esktan

The 13th Mortal Queen


Ezhro Esktan, the 13th Mortal Queen
Born in Summer of 986 Esktan, Ezhro is the 13th Mortal Queen in the family line. Raised by the noble court, Ezhro was expected to uphold various positions throughout the noble class, including that of being a Dame, Baroness, Viscount, and Princess before taking the crown and becoming Queen at birth (Reagent Beatrice Hitheren ruled for the first 20 years). She is greatly loved by the people of the kingdom, though many are fearful and superstitious something bad will happen since she is the 13th in the line.
My people’s needs always come before my own.
The Lord General’s advice is irreplaceable.
I will be the greatest of the Mortal Queens.
Reward greatness, regardless of station
I am eloquent, and shall never interrupt another.
When violence starts, I am always just behind my Lady of the Crown.
LIFEPATHS: Born Noble, Young Lady, Lady, Dame, Baroness, Viscount, Noble Princess, Queen
72 years old
Will B6 Perception B6 Agility B3
Speed B4 Power B2 Forte B4
Health B6 Mortal Wound B9 Reflexes B4
Steel B8 Hesitation 4 Stride 7
Circles B6 Resources W10
Apothecary B5, Astrology B4, Composition B4, Court-Wise B6, Doctrine B3, Estate Management B7, Estate-Wise B4, Etiquette B6, Field Dressing B4, Husband-Wise B3, Inconspicuous B3, Musical Instrument (Lyre) B2, Noble-Wise B4, Oratory B8, Persuasion B8, Read B3, Rule of Law B8, Seduction B3, Staff-Wise B4, Sword B3, Write B3
Commanding Aura, Mark of Privilege, Noblesse Oblige, Pompous, Regal Bearing, Sharp Dresser, Your Grace
GEAR: Finery x6, Queen’s Sword,
PROPERTY: Castle in Fangs Keep, Tak-Tak Royal Estate,
AFFILIATION: 3D Kingdom of Esktan, 3D Nobility, 2D Merchants of Esktan, 1D College of Magic, 1D Fang University
REPUTATION: 3D as the Mortal Queen, 2D as the Medic-Queen, 2D as a Debate Master
RELATIONSHIPS: Husband, King Ethan Esktan-Hunter (immediate family); Daughter, Princess Sahanz Esktan (immediate family); Lord General Jayrud Hound, Lady of the Crown Renata Fruer (Right Hand of the Queen)

Physical Tolerances: Superficial B2, Light B4, Midi B6, Severe B7, Traumatic B8, Mortal Wound B9


Ezhro Esktan

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