Jayrud Hound

Lord General of the Army of Esktan


Jayrud Hound, Lord General
Like most noble born males, Jayrud went into the service of the military. After excelling in training, he fought as a knight in the Incursion, where he met his wife, Renata Fruer. As they both climbed the ranks of the kingdom, Jayrud became the Constable Captain after proving himself as a Captain, and before that a Captain of the Guard. After being appointed the first male General of the Army, he has moved to Kykxa to perform his duties to the Mortal Queen.
My army is part of my family.
I will prove I am as good, or better, than any of my predecessors.
One’s armor and weapons should be upkept just as one’s body.
Always assess an area upon entering it for the first time.
Defense before Offense (start fights in defensive stance).
Always know who you are talking with (Heraldry).
LIFEPATHS: Born Noble, Page, Squire, Knight, Captain of the Guard, Captain, Constable, General
52 years old
Will B5 Perception B4 Agility B6
Speed B6 Power B6 Forte G6
Health B6 Mortal Wound B13 Reflexes B5
Steel B9 Hesitation 5 Stride 7
Circles B6 Resources G10
Appraisal B5, Armor Training, Brawling B7, Cavalry-Wise B4, Command B5, Contract-Wise B2, Crossbow B3, Elf-Wise B4, Etiquette B5, Field Dressing B2, Folklore B4, Haggling B3, Heraldry B3, Hunting B3, Intimidation B2, Kingdom-Wise B4, Knives B3, Lance B3, Logistics B4, Mounted Combat Training, Oratory B2, Read B2, Riding B6, Shield Training, Soldier-Wise B4, Strategy B9, Sword B7, Write B2
Aura of Determination, Exasperated, Hero of the People, Mark of Privilege, Savvy, Sworn Homage, Weight of the World, Your Eminence
Superior Full Plate Armor, Superior Shield, Superior Sword, Warhorse
AFFILIATION: 3D Kingdom of Esktan, 3D Esktan Army,
REPUTATION: 3D as the Lord General, 2D as a Master Swordsman, 1D as a compassionate leader
RELATIONSHIPS: Wife, Renata Fruer (immediate family), Boss, the Mortal Queen

Physical Tolerances: Superficial B3, Light B6, Midi B9, Severe B11, Traumatic B12, Mortal Wound B13

STATS: Pe: B3, Wi: B2, Ag: B4, Sp: B6, Po: B7, Fo: B7
ATTRIBUTES: He: B5, St: B7, Re: B4, MW: B13. Hesitation 6 (Fearless and Determined).
SKILLS: Rider Training, Mounted Combat Training, Armor Training, Formation Training, Intimidation B2, Brawling B3, Foraging B2
TRAITS: Level-Headed, Loyal, Determined, Fearless, Aggressive, Long-Limbed, Keen Hearing, Hooved, Ungulate.


Jayrud Hound

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