Kriszander Highwater

Missing Headmaster of Kinsform University.


Born in 972e, Kriszander’s gift was quickly noticeable by his pure white eyes and natural affinity for telekinesis. He was sent to the college at the age of 10, graduating in 987e. Kris spent the next 16 years as an adjunct and researcher. In 1003e he was awarded the title Master Sorcerer at the age of 31. He raised in the ranks eventually gaining a seat as a councilor, and then named Headmaster in 1016e. In his appointment leading the Kinsform College he expanded the curriculum, and increased the size of the College’s library three-fold. However, in 1040e Kris disappeared. The Headmaster’s quarters found in shambles, and the servants all dead. In the last 18 years no one has been able to solve what happened to Kris.


Kriszander Highwater

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