Prince Grey Tarrant

Prince of the Spell-Lords



  • I will master the art of Ipsum Augurium.
  • I will discover new knowledge in the Wastes.
  • If pain is the price of power, how much pain can I withstand to protect my people?
  • My reverence is to the crown.


  • Challenge the strongest and let the rest fall into place.
  • Always carry a second sword.
  • Always draw steel when combat is imminent.

Gifted Noble Born > Spell-Page > Dovotee of Thoroth > Arcaknight > Spell-Lord > Prince of the Spell-Lords

Will B7, Perception B6, Power B5, Forte B5, Agility B6, Speed B5

Health B7, Mortal Wound B11, Reflexes B5
Steel G7, Hesitation 3, Stride 7
Circles B4, Resources G6

Spellsword B7, Calligraphy B2, Sword B7, Ettiquette B3, Write B2, Read B3, Research B3, Symbology B4, Great Masters-Wise B2, Enchanting B5, Sorcery-Wise B4, Mortal Queen-Wise B3, Tactics B4, Aura-Wise B3, Demonology B4, Empyrealia B4, Armor Training B1, Mounted Combat Training B2, Bargaining B3, Aura-Reading B6, Ride (Saddle) B2, Engineering B3, Stealth B2, Inconspicuous B3


  • Character Base Humility, Extremely Respectful of One’s Betters, Inscrutable, Sharp Dresser, Your Grace
  • Die-Trait Commanding Aura, Foust, Friend of the Headmaster, Gifted, HIghwater Suspicious, Loyal (Albrecht), Misunderstood, Noblesse Oblige, Second Sight, Sworn Homage to Arcaknights, Thick Skin

Villa, Superior Quality Long Sword X2, Riding Mount (Ebony), Companion Animal (Arctic Fox “Ivory”) Traveling Gear, Finery, Skill Toolkit (Enchanting), Superior Quality Robes of Chain Protection, Enchanted Sheathe +2D Tax

AFFILIATION: 3D Kingdom of Ekstan
REPUTATION: 3D Order of Thoroth



Prince Grey Tarrant

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