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Letter to Ophelia

Letter to Ophelia

                Dear Beloved Sister, after receiving your letter I must admit I was quite shocked. I understand your concerns but am truly too busy to address the issues at hand. You see dear sister I must remind you that I am at present even as a Master Sorcerer, under the command of Prince Grey Tarrant. We are fulfilling vital duties as an <s>elite</s> select group in defense of the kingdom. Do to the closeness House Hitheren has with the crown you may know of the dangers I speak, but I am otherwise not at liberty to discuss.

                        As to your concern about unduly causing trouble in another house’s domain, that remains to be seen sister. The decision was not mine to make alone, however I AM a Master Sorcerer and I will kindly ask you not to tell me how to do my job. I assure you all care was taken with our actions, and there is likely a lot more about the situation than what you are presently aware of. I will not argue these points further as there is no time for it, but do not be concerned. I as always endeavor to not disgrace the Hitheren name.

                           As for marriage, I am in no particular hurry.  I understand your worry for me sister but I believe your efforts should perhaps be directed towards your daughter, the heir to our house. I understand that the previous arrangement fell through. Regardless of the reasons sister, as I discussed with you when I chose my path a over a decade ago, I intend to become a lifelong member of the college. I have no true intention of entering into the courts where such arrangement may be useful.

Give my regards to my niece would you.

                                                                                  With Love,         

                                                                          Albrecht Hitheren

                                                               Master Sorcerer, Kinsform College of Magic                                         


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Letter to Ophelia
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