Forgotten Publications


Where'd I put that book?

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This is a list of publications discovered by the players throughout the game:

  • Te'teh'vah Le'vah

    • This tome is written in Elven, and holds many songs of the Elven people. Partial translations have been made throughout the book, and other parts have been phonetically represented in common script.
  • Litany of Tragedy: Grief of Generations

    • This tome is written in Elven. The spattering of tranlsations found throughout its pages speak of Grief, how to deal with Grief, and the effects of Grief as observed through the Ages.
  • Known To Them

    • This strangely titled book has a simple black cover, the title etched into the spine with no further decor. The book is written in the language and glyphs of an ancient language (requires Speaker of the Ancient Language character trait). There are no markings of translation present
  • Grimoire of the Apprentice

    • This grimoire is of obvious Ekstan origin. It outlines magic as presented in the first two years of the Kingsform University. This book can be utilized as though an instructor, and can provide tests, afetr the appropriate practice time using the book, equal to the exponent of each of its skills

      • Animal Husbandry, B5
      • Ancient History, B3
      • Aura Reading, B4
  • Tiered Tome of Celestial Geometry

    • This enchanted tome is filled with circles, sigils, and other mystical geometric shapes and correspondences. When utilized, this tome grants the reader use of the Circination skill at B6. If the user already has Circination, it counts as helping dice from a magical source (+2D).
  • Twin Journals of General Jahnal

    • These enchanted journals are forever bound. Whatever is written in one, shows up in the other. In the same spot, as though a perfect copy. General Jahnal used these journals to communicate with his second in command at any distance. These journals are large, and anytime a page is ripped out of one, it is replaced with a blank page magically, and the corresponding page in the other journal is erased clean.
  • Faceted Shadows of Magic

    • This tome of sorcery goes into detail of the anatomy of a spell. It speaks in depth about facets, their role in spells, and how they interact. It also has specific facets presented in the book that can be used to learn the facets from for an Abstraction specialist Sorcerer.

      • Elements

        • Air, Anima, Earth, Fire, Water
      • Impetus

        • Control, Destroy, Enhance
      • Origin

        • Presence
      • Duration

        • Sustained, Permanent
      • Area of Effect

        • Natural Effect, Miles, Tens of Miles, Hundreds of Miles
  • The Tongue of the Spirit

    • This holy book presents a faith based on faith, and doctrine that is of the divine gift of being. The divinity given freely to each and every living entity. The spark of spirit exists in all that lives, and through knowing oneself, and having faith in one's spirit, one can tap into the power of their spirit. This holy book is from the realm of spirits itself, and is made of such Faith itself. It grants +1D to any Faith roll made by a believer in the way of the Spirit. It will grant this helping dice to any other Faith as well, but this will lead to corruption of the original Faith if the user does not convert.
  • Book with no title

    • Written in strange glyphs and markings.

Forgotten Publications

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