Character Burning

Character Burning

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Ekstan Game Character Creation: All players will be of stock Man. Number of minimum Lifepaths is 3, number of maximum Lifepaths is 6. Recommended is 4 or 5.


Requirements: Each Lifepath will give Skills that become available to the Character. The first one listed is required to put at least one point in. If that first skill is already required by a previous Lifepath, then the second skill is required (if that is also already required, the third, and so on). This is the same for Traits presented by each Lifepath.


Born Lifepaths: The very first Lifepath taken is the character’s birth. This will determine where your character is from. Servitude and Captive Lifepaths cannot be taken as the final Lifepath in Character Creation.

  • Born Peasant (p. 163)

    • Can stay Peasant or move to Servant, Soldier, Sea, or Religious

      • Born to one of the villages.

      • May pick a town if it has farmland associated with it.

  • Village Born (p. 165)

    • Can stay Villager, or move to Peasant, Servitude, Sea, or Religious

      • Must pick which village or town you were born in. Most likely one of the towns.

  • City Born (p. 170)

    • Can stay City Dweller, or move to Servitude, Court, Noble, or Outcast

      • Must pick which city you were born in

  • Born Noble (p. 177)

    • Can stay Noble, or go to any other setting.

      • The nobles of Ekstan are found mostly in the Cities. Only one noble family is present in each town, the noble family that runs the town itself, no noble families rule the villages. Note: As a village grows, and is established, they may request a noble family, and be brought up to a town.

      • Choosing Noble born, pick a city or town you were born in. If a town is picked, you belong to the ruling noble family of that town.

  • Son of a Gun (p. 189) – Seafaring Setting

    • Can stay Sea, or move to Servitude, Soldier, or Outcast

      • Options of birth:

        • Sailor’s kid

        • Sail Merchant’s kid

        • Explorer’s Guild’s kid

        • Naval kid

  • Born Slave (p. 192) – Servitude and Captive Setting

    • Can stay Servitude, or move to Soldier, or Outcast

      • Slavery is banned in the Kingdom of Ekstan. If Born Slave is taken, please choose between being born into a servant position, or actual born slave. Slave Lifepaths represent time outside of the Kingdom, as a slave to another power somewhere in the world.

  • Gifted Child (MB p. 218) – Any Human Setting

    • Can stay the one applied to, or move to Outcast, Court, or Religious.

      • Can pick what origin/setting originally born into.


Second and beyond Lifepaths: Most Lifepaths do not have requirements stated. When this is the case, it requires that the previous Lifepath came from the same Setting, or that the previous Lifepath leads to the new Lifepath’s Setting (doing so adds 1 year to the age of the character).


College of Magic: This is a Setting presented in the Magic Burner on page 220. To get into this Setting, it requires the Gifted Trait. If it was the majority of your life, and where you first started learning magic, then Supplicant must be taken as the second Lifepath. Otherwise the following Lifepaths from other Settings can lead into this Setting starting at the stated stage of schooling:

  • Gifted Child → Supplicant

  • Arcane Devotee, Apt Pupil, Neophyte Sorcerer → Junior Student

  • Sorcerer → Senior Student

  • Court Sorcerer → Master Sorcerer

  • Court Enchanter → Master Enchanter

  • Court Summoner → Master Summoner

  • Scholar → Researcher (Special: Does not require Gifted)


Story Building Through Character Burning: As you will notice, not much information is given for fluff in a Lifepath. There’s a name, and the mechanics of the Lifepath, and that’s about it. As we build your characters, we will pick a Lifepath, and then talk about what that means to your character. Two characters can pick the same Lifepath, and have it result in different back stories and experiences.

For our character burning we will make our characters together. Everyone will start by picking their Born Lifepath, we'll talk about it, make notes, and once we have covered everyone in that process, we will move on to the second Lifepath.

At any point after picking your third Lifepath, you may opt to be finished, or you may go to the maximum of six Lifepaths. There will be different reasons to pick how many Lifepaths to build your character with, most of them  rotating around the story of your character.

By the finishing of burning a character, you should have about 75% of your character's backstory outlined at least. This is part of the process, and leads to rich character development before the game even starts! In my opinion, this helps to alleviate those moments when first playing a character when one is at a loss for what the character would do, think, respond with, etc.. This also helps to determine things your character knows at the beginning.

Let’s Burn some Characters! Birth to Current! Rich and deep stories, fully fleshed out characters ready to be destroyed by poor player choices! BWAWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Character Burning

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