The kingdoms and nations of the world

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A new world await Death's Chosen as they step into the realm of Earth. The time has come to explore Mesopotamian area. City-State Nations and Countries fill the area, most notably Sumer.

Uruk, the great walled city of Gilgamesh

House of Dust, Wild Ones' hell

Eanna, House of the Sky

Cedar Forest, Southern border of Byzantine

Nippur, center of worship for Enlil

Kish, city of Sumer, Mesopotamia

Sippar, Eastern Sumerian city on the east bank of the Euphrates

Larsa, Sumer city and center of worship to Utu the Sun God

Shuruppak, Chaldean Sumerian city dedicated to Ninlil/Sud, Goddess of grain and air

Shiduris Tavern, the Divine Tavern

There are three major kingdoms in Heaven, and numerous other governments, tribes, and unions around. How big is Heaven? That is for the players to burn out. Only a few kingdoms are set at the beginning of this chronicle. As the story unfolds, new information will come to the forefront, and the knowledge of the world will expand with the players.

Esktan Kingdom, realm of the Mortal Queens

Oaken Heritance, the ancient realm

Fathers of Stone, Dwarven Lands


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