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Burning History

Spring Cleaning in the House of Dust

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Season 1: As Above

Burning History, a campaign using the Burning Wheel system, is set in a fictional world focused on the Kingdom of Esktan. The year is 1057 E, only 20 years after the Incursion, an invasion by the Elven Kingdom, Oaken Heritance, to recover stolen Elven artifacts. What is next for this world? What is next for the kingdom? What will burn next?

Season 2: As Below

Death is dying! Heaven is corrupted. With what power he had remaining, Death has sent the Heros of Esktan to Uruk, to try and save Heaven, and prevent the catastrophe that sundered the material plane from Heaven. Going from a world of Elves and magic to one dry of mystical exposure, how will the humans of Earth respond to the powers of Heaven?


Main Page

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