Burning History

Excerpt from the journals of Albrecht Hitheren


The way I dealt with the trolls did not seem wrong to me, while unfortunate Sir VanKampff’s injuries allowed a swift end to the battle and granted safety to the citizens. The letters to his family of course only mentioned that he was injured in the defense for Verix.

                Much has happened since Verix, the necromancer was still out there with an army of undead. After writing several letters and missives I began to prepare for the inevitable encounter with the necromancer.

                I did not have much time to pursue personal matters, I was very much overworked. I had lectures to give, meetings to attend and the possibility of the former headmaster being involved nearly caused a riot with the upper ranks in the college.  This was added to for by the planning on how to deal with the necromancer. What free time I did get was spent on learning the facet of earth and a few spells. I finished crafting the disenchant magic spell, crafted an armor reducing spell, and created a spell to grant me momentary armor. These spells however were quite difficult to craft as I still struggle to increase a spell with a duration lasting more than a single moment. The spell crafting in combination with my recent experiences seems to have increased my fortitude, I find myself practicing for longer and the strain from difficult spells seems to tax me less.


                There are three months left before we all gather again I must focus my training to be the most productive. Now that I have some method of defense I shall seek to be more supportive where I can unless a battle needs ending quickly.


Nochtal thejeonan

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