Burning History

Where the hell am I???

As I awake on this day, I notice a sharp and crackly pain in me, as one thought races through my mind….Why do I hurt….EVERYWHERE? The next thought that crosses my mind is..Where the hell am I? With heart a racing I look around to see my surroundings as a Nurse enters in.


"Hello Sir VanKampff. I am nurse Alisandra."


"Where the hell am I??!" I Exclaim!


Alisandra responds, "To put it lightly, you're in a care facility in Verix. Youve been in a coma for the past 6 months…"


I stare at her in shock.


"Today is October 14 1058. You arrived in critical condition and you were rushed into surgery on April 13 1058, and you still have at least a year left to recover from all you went through…. Seeing as you were just about dead when you arrived."


"Are my companions safe? Were the trolls defeated??" I ask.


"Yes they are fine, and yes the Trolls were defeated." Alisandra responds.


I relax, as I know my goal was accomplished. I thank her for the answers, and I ask if she would be willing to send word to my family, Order, and companions that was awake and on the mend…


After she leaves I state to the empty room, "Well I guess I can get reading up on some facts that I skipped over in school…."


This was +1 Persona

Where the hell am I???
Nochtal krazylegodrummer

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